Monday, 21 July 2014

Free ice cream on National Ice Cream Day: Free & cheap ice cream treats to eat

Have you heard the big “scoop?” If you’re looking for a sweet treat to eat, you’re in luck! According to a Florida Today report published on July 19, a highly anticipated holiday is here and Americans are in the “moood” to celebrate. The third Sunday in July is National Ice Cream Day in the U.S.A. This year’s event takes place on July 20, 2014. Whether you scream or I scream, we all need to scream for ice cream especially during the dog days of summer!
In 1984, United States President Ronald Reagan declared July as National Ice Cream Month 

Thursday, 17 July 2014

How to use Glitter in Mehndi?

Make your own gilding pastes easily, safely and inexpensively!

How to use Glitter in Mehndi?

Mehndi is used mostly in subcontinent and middle east. but now a days we find a new trend in mehndi that is glitter mehndi.

Glitter adds shine and beauty in mehndi design. it is very popular now a days especially in young girls and also in brides on their wedding day. It is  applied on the drying paste of henna to give it a different look. It only last for a day and get washed along with the paste. We can also apply glitter on henna tattoo give it a beautiful look. It will look really nice on parties and weddings. Since glitter mehndi is not water proof so it will get washed as soon as we'll wash it.
Method of adding glitter
glittering in mehndi are of two ways:-
  • Adding liquid glitter (gilding and glitter paste)
  • Sprinkling glitter

Liquid glitter is very easily found in markets.but u can also make it at home.

for making glitter you will need:-
  1. Lumiere powder(powdered eye shade).
  2. Body glitter.
  3. Hair gel.
Method of making gliter paste:-
  • Hair gel required 2 or 3 tablespoon (or more if you need more glitter paste) pour it in any little bowl   

Sunday, 13 July 2014

50 Best uses of Aloevera gel

50 Ways To Use Aloe Vera

1. Pamper yourself to a soothing body rub. Slice aloe leaves lengthwise and use the inner sides as a biodegradable body scrub in the shower.
2. Treat burns from minor mishaps in the kitchen—from grease splatters or hot utensils.
3. For more major kitchen mishaps like a scald, mix some aloe gel and vitamin E oil into a little jar for a homemade burn healer.
4. Banish black and blue bruises by swapping on the good goo.
5. Soothe and heal sunburns the feel-good way. Aloe contains cooling properties similar to menthol.